I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend weather! If the weather reports are correct, it is not going to last for long. So don’t put those coats away … just yet!

Last week I made mention that “no one knows what the future may hold and there is no promise of tomorrow so my plan is to continue to do what I do as long as GOD will allow me.” The comment was made on the back side of my release from the hospital. Two weeks ago I experienced a numbness in my left arm and realizing it was somewhat of a very surrel experience, I made my way to the hospital and was diagnosed with a “mild” stroke, basically losing all motor skills in my left arm. The great news is it was mild and appears to be “temporary” because all indications are that it was minimal and only affected my arm. Everything appears to be slowly getting back on track and the prognosis is most pomising for a full recovery. I think that my immediate reaction and recognition of the issues helped in minimizing some of the issues that may have ocurred had I not taken immediate action and gotten myself to the hospital. The good news is I am physically and mentally doing great!! I except to be back “running triathlons” in no time!


When things like this occur you have the opportunity to heed the wakeup call and I’m glad to say that it was a wakeup call I am not looking forward to receiving again nor am I going to sit idle waiting for it to ring. I have started by changing my diet, life style and social habits. It was something I should have done months ago but, like most people my age we think we are invincible and that “our cape” will continue to allow us to fly forever. Life, every now and then, has a rude way of slapping you in the face and I caught a good slap but I am not down and out. I took the standing eight and I am back on my feet.

Most of my closest friends and family are aware of the incident and have been extremely supportive. The out pouring of love and concern has been overwhelming.  I am truly blessed with “family” and for those that have been there for me during all of this, there is trully no way for me to fully express my gratitude and appreciation. Just know that it has meant the world to me during the recovery process and your thoughts and prayers have made the journey back a truly blessed affair. It’s that kind of love that fuels the heart and soul.

In the interim please forgive me as I dip back into my archives and bring out a few Florida jewels from a previous trip to the gulf coast.
THANK YOU all for the love … ENJOY!!!!!


I do have a camera … awaiting your call.

Once Again – Best Regards …..
And Much Love!!!!