A very good Monday morning to you. Dare I say it, Roll Tide!!! We are on to the championship playoffs!! What a great day for college football and the great state of Alabama. My hats off to all the SEC teams that will be showcased during the holiday college bowl games.

This week has been a very slow and very trying week for me. Like most I have been affected by some alien life that has inhabited by body and continues attempting to communicate to other species through constant displays of excessive coughing. I am not exactly sure why they have chosen me to be the voice of dire sickness but I need an exorcism to relive me!!!!!

So given my dire state of “home alone” with the infested alien, I hope you will allow me this one opportunity to dip back into my collection of images and publish one that did not find it’s way on to the front pages of any of previous blogs.

As I was road tripp’n around north Alabama last fall, I found myself out in the Chase Industrial Park area as the sun was setting. As I was looking around I spotted the railroad tracks leading off to the North Alabama Railroad Museum glowing from the setting sun. Knowing that I had a short window of opportunity to capture the moment, I ditched the hummer, grabbed my camera and took off for the hills, well the rails. I knew it was an opportunity that would not come around again given the change in seasons and the rotation of the earth. Like most moments, it was gone as fast as it had presented itself. Had I not been “recklessly” looking left and right as I was driving, I may have very well missed the view. Luckily for all the drivers around me, I was not too reckless. For anyone that has ridden with me on one of these journeys, you know what I am referring to. I applaud you all for staying on the road when the H3 is near.

Stay safe …. Happy Holidays …. Enjoy!!!!!


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~ dennis keim ~