Good Morning from the Rocket City. I hope that you had a very blessed Thanksgiving sharing your turkey drumsticks with family and friends; “pass the gravy please.”

This past week was not only full of turkey gatherings but it was also filled with local live music. Thursday evening I had the pleasure of catching the 24th appearance of Microwave Dave and the Nukes playing on Thanksgiving night. After 23 consecutive years playing the turkey gig at the Kaffeeklatsch Bar, the Klatsch closed and Dave found a new home at Humphrey’s Bar and Grill to continue the tradition.

On Friday evening Jim Parker hosted another showcase of his Songwriters series at the VBC Playhouse, a Huntsville music tradition that has been on going for the past 11 years. Jim generally showcases national singer/songwriters who have pinned the tunes that you have heard from major recording artist but the intrigue for this series was he was featuring local singer/songwriters. As much as I am a huge fan of each and heard them play hundreds of times; I was truly excited about the opportunity to hear them play together on one stage. The featured local artists were Amy McCarley, Microwave Dave Gallaher and Dave Anderson.


The night opened up with local husband and wife songwriting duo Judy and Josh Allison preforming a set of their originals. During their set the duo sang their very inspiring single, “Hold On.” Once their set was completed it was on to the main acts as each musician was introduced and took their seats. The playhouse is a perfect place to hear a songwriters series because it has an almost speakeasy feel to it. The evening starts off with Jim and then proceeds to a round robin of musician banter, discussion and music as each musician takes their turn at the mikes. One of the things I enjoy most about a songwriters series each artist has the opportunity to provide background information on how or why the song was written. Many of those explanations open the door for additional humor and banter provided by the other artists.


We are truly blessed with the amazing talent we have in this city and I believe these four are the “cranberry of the turkey feast!” The evening was everything it was advertised to be. I must say, to see friends that I continue to admire so much for their very gifted talents signing together on one stage was a real treat. It would have been impossible for me to not capture this moment in local musical history as these four exceptional musicians shared the stage together. At least for all that attended, it was a musical bucket list item to check off. For me it was best of both worlds …… capturing these very gifted musicians I call friends. It was quite the magical evening. Enjoy!!!!!!!

BTW – one more item … Iron Bowl … “Roll Tide!!!’


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