This week finds me back writing you from Cape Hatteras, my home away from home. It is such a mesmerizing place. And like the lighthouse, it continues to beckon me back.

Being here gives me lots of time to think as well as capture the beauty of the area. It provides me ample time to wander off on self guided journeys to explore and contemplate just what the future might hold. It helps me “fix” things. And isn’t that what we all tend to do. Seek a place that allows for the solitude of the moment for us to think, refresh and charge our batteries. A special place that we all go to “catch a breath of fresh air!”

 Like the fisherman below, standing at the edge of the turmoil of two bodies of water crashing into each other and knowing he is at peace with the moment, we too seek to find that special place.
EnVogue, the music group said it best when they sang, “Free your mind and the rest will follow!”

The photograph was captured at “Cape Point” on the Outer Banks where two bodies of water from the north and south shores, moving in opposite direction, collide. It is a spectacular site to behold and from what I hear, it is an incredible fishing spot.


As I always say, I am no farther than a phone call or an email away  from assisting you with any of your photographic needs including  corporate or personal art.
Have a wonderful week.

~ dK ~