Good Morning, Yes I know it is a shock! Much time has passed since my last blog and you might surmise that I have done extremely well at following the CDC guidelines by social distancing myself both physically and visually. I must say that I have been extremely gratified by the inquiries I have received about the blog’s disappearance. Actually, and trying to be humble, I have received tens of thousands – the most EVER. (Please do not fact check that last statement)

Like many, I have been hunkered down over the last few months and have been getting out as time and my comfort level has permitted but mostly I have been keeping a low-key approach in my shooting escapades.

Given the nature of the beast,  I have begun to dip my toes in the water and venture out. And like most of you, chose to take advantage of the beautiful weather and colors this weekend and headed to one of my favorite spots in North Alabama, Little River Canyon,  hoping  that the Autumn colors may just be in full bloom. For those that have never had the pleasure to take a trip to the Mentone area, it is truly one of Alabama’s great scenic wonderlands. Alabama’s answer to the Great Smokey Mountains.

Mentone, Al and Desoto Sate Park is about a 1 ½ hour drive east of Huntsville. Little River Canyon Rim Parkway (Al Hwy 176) runs along the 16-mile-long canyon and offers many overlooks to capture the very majestic nature of the canyon. The rim road offers a breathtaking view and much to my surprise the colors were in abundance. I made my first stop at the overlook for Little River Falls.

It has been years since I was actually in North Alabama during the fall season and this year it was late coming, normally I have been on travel in Nevada or Florida during this time period. When I heard that the colors might just be happening I decided to take a day and venture up to Mentone. It looked like a super highway with everyone having the same idea. I was looking for one of those little machines where you grab a ticket and stand in line to have your name called.

As I drove the canyon road, every turn offered a new and beautiful palette of color. The views and vistas were truly amazing. Once I finished photographing the canyon I decided to head through Desoto Park via the cliff bluff road with its amazing westerly view and then on to Desoto Falls. The journey was filled with a kaleidoscope of colors.

I do not think I was totally prepared for the view I was about to witness as I came up to Desoto Falls, the final destination of my Mentone adventure. Many of the photographs that I had seen taken of the falls over the past couple weeks showed a  raging waterfall due to all of the rain. But with the waterfall in full “bloom” it appeared to be less of a waterfall and more like a mountain of pastel colors. It was breathtaking.

As always it is great to visit and I am very grateful to my Mentone friends Balpha and Bruce for their very generous hospitality providing the view from the back deck of one of their rental cottages. The view is spectacular of Desoto Falls. It is one of tallest waterfalls at 107 feet in the state of Alabama. They own two cottages that are side by side and directly look out at the falls. Cliff House (#1213591) and Canyon Falls Cottage (#1335112) are both listed on VRBO and are well kept secrets, well actually the word has gotten out. If you are looking to visit Mentone and wanting a “room with a view” look them up.

With complete visual contentment of an extremely successful “social distancing” photographic road trip, I knew I had one last stop to make on my way home. Hopefully in time to capture one last offering of GOD’s art, I made my way back to Section, Alabama to the Tennessee River overlook at Washington Park. I am elated to say I arrived in time to capture this truly majestic sunset – Mission Accomplished!

Keep us in mind for any future photographic assignments!!!
Look for more of my “social distancing road trips” in the weeks to come!
Have camera … awaiting your call…. Mask included …. 6’ apart

I do love to travel!!!!