Good morning to you all from sunny Huntsville, Alabama. I trust you have dug yourself out from the winter blast we were part of last week.

What an amazing adventure it was last week with the 2-4 inch accumulation of snow we experienced in the south. Snow was something I did not see often, while growing up in Florida, so now as an adult any opportunity to experience snowflakes brings on a “Christmas morning” type fever for me.

I have to admit I am one of those individuals that they reference on the morning news, “If you do not need to be out, stay at home!” Lucky for me and the other crazies, I have a vehicle that takes to the roads and off-roads.

What photographer would not be up at the crack of dawn to capture the first glimpse of snow and especially in an area that just does not experience it very often? I was fortunate enough to be out in the Hampton Cove area when the snowfall first started and what better setting then the waterfall that welcomes you to the community.


The next morning, for me, was like Christmas morning as I woke up early to a beautiful sun lit blanket of snow.  I made coffee, bundled up and off I went looking to capture images that would be reflective of the beauty of our city. There just is something about the sound of fresh snow crackling under each and every footstep. It was like being a kid all over but most than know would certify that I have never grown up. The only thing that was possibly missing was someone to throw snowballs at but I think that with “my mission” there would have been little time to do so! So for those of you reading this and saying where is summer, I can only qualify my snow affliction by adding the disclaimer once again, “I am originally from Florida!”


Like any great photograph, it is all about being at the right place at the right time and the snow was melting at a very fast pace in the lower levels. So, for the rest of the day, I sped from location to location looking to capture anything and everything snow laden. The good news is, the city has so much to offers and has so many iconic locations within a very short drive. Add in 2-4 inches of snow and you get a surreal look at what we may just take for granted everyday. ENJOY!!!!!!


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“Have iPhone, will iTravel!!”

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