A very good Monday morning to you! Only in Alabama could you experience one week where you are looking at lows in the teens with snow on the ground and the following week have spring like temperatures in the 70’s. Next week we might just be breaking out the bathing suits or the arctic coats.

During our brief experience with the Alabama snow storm, I took the opportunity to not only get out on some country roads but I also took one day and drove around the city streets looking for “city slicker” snow. Most everywhere I went the snow had begun to melt except for a few places out in Cummings Research Park. One location where the snow seemed to be holding on was the Adtran campus. With baron trees standing as a protective guard, a blanket of snow provided the perfect compliment to the statuesque glass and brick façade of the Adtran building.


While spending most of the day chasing melting snow it became very apparent that it was just not going to be on the ground for long. Mother Nature may have not listened to the weather mans prediction for an overcast day because the day was blanketed with the warmth of the suns shining rays. As day began to slowly turn to night I realized that I was possibly the one sole survivor of the “winter storm” stupid enough to still be outside trying to capture one last photograph. With the sun setting I ended up across the pond from Intergraph’s new corporate structure located in Jetplex Industrial Park. I soon realized that my willingness to brave the elements was to be rewarded with the appearance of a full moon. What an exceptional reward it was slowly rising out of the east as the building began to come to life reflecting it’s multi color rays across the water. For me it may just have been the perfect ending to a perfectly good southern snow. ENJOY!!!!!


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