A very happy belated Cinco de Mayo and a Happy Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderfully beautiful mothers. Other than the predicted rain, it looks to be a another fabulous week ahead.

The weather was absolutely wonderful, well at least for a portion of this past weekend for the Whistle Stop BBQ festival, held at historic Huntsville Depot. This year the weekend weather forecasts switched, Panoply survived with no rain but Whistle Stop was cut short by the Saturday weather prediction of strong winds and rain. It is very unfortunate for the BBQ festival because both offer a wonderful variety of entertainment for the community.

For Friday and most of Saturday the air was filled with the aromatic aroma of chicken and ribs and all other kinds of meat cooking on the grills from professional and amateur (shade tree) teams With names like Why ya Grill’n Me Dawg, Boob-B-Que, Brew-N-Que, Pork Dorks, Gustoso BBQ , Bird Nerds and Butt It Ain’t Wrong Either. How could the variety and flavors of the cooked submissions not be as tasty and entertaining as the names?

Competitions amongst the teams, both amateur and professional are as much about the camaraderie and mutual consumption of shared libations as they are about the final product. It may be considered a southern tradition but there is no doubt that all those that cook and compete in BBQ competitions approach it with a spiritual fever, looking to walk away with a call, a place in the top and one of the prized designed trophies with cash awards. On the other hand, it is also considered a badge of honor to have your submission judged “DAL”, dead ass last!

There was a lot of good local music talent scheduled to entertain over the weekend, as well as a few tribute bands that we to honor the contributions made by some very famous Alabama musicians to commemorate the celebration of Alabama’s Bicentennial. The music went on without a hitch Friday evening with the Hank Williams Jr. tribute but unfortunately for music lovers of the band Alabama the weather cut the event short for the Saturday evening festivities.

All and all it was just another stellar event hosted by Early Works and the city of Huntsville. And where else could you go to watch a group of adult men and women vying for the grand title of “Alabama Corn Hole Champion?”

Whistle Stop is one place you do not mind watching and smelling everything go up in “SMOKE!” Enjoy!!!

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