After six weeks on the road I am back in Huntsville and it appears I took the rain with me when I left and brought back the heat.

One of the wonderful things about traveling around the U.SA., is you get to see and capture some beautiful sites. Large or small, high rise or town square. each city has it’s own signature beauty.

I had the opportunity on the last leg of my journey to participate, as an instructor, in a 5 day photographic workshop and be the Key Note speaker. You most likely have never heard of Pittsfield, Illinois unless you are a hunter or an attendee to the Supershoots workshop events.

When we talk about country, it is all country ….. Drive In Movie theatre, Wind Mills, Hunting Lodges, Mom and Pop diners and the Town Square. The shot attached today is of the Pittsfield courthouse, a very daunting yet majestic structure. The photo was shot in Infrared.

Pittsfield Courthouse

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~ dK ~