It has been so cold of late that I thought I saw two polar bears wearing Billabong baggies and Oakley sunglasses walking down the street to the pool this week. They had Ice Skates hanging over their shoulders. Then I woke up, realized it was only a dream and put another log on the fire.

With plans to fly to the Outer Banks this past weekend, I was met once again by the white fury of Mother Nature. After shooting an assignment in Hollywood, Al on Friday I was heading west to Nashville on I-24 only to find myself coming to a dead stop in a snow induced parking lot around Murfreesboro. Seems that a couple of rigs decided to get intimate on the interstate and needed an audience. As usual I found myself in the cheap seats behind hundreds of taller Semi’s.

Four inches of snow and blankets of ice brought the city to a crawl and made the Nashville airport a No Fly zone. With my flights cancelled and stranded in town for an additional 36 hours, I decided to make the most of it. On Saturday I grabbed a good friend, put my Four Runner in 4-wheel drive, told him to strap in and headed out to play dodge ball bumpers with all the cars slipping and sliding up and down the hills. It is totally amazing to be following a car one minute and the next see them spinning out of control like one of those teacup rides at the carnival. Whoa ……

My reward for my daring and sometimes comical misadventures of the day … A beautiful shot of the Nashville skyline all decked out in white.

One bit of news … Over the next couple of months I will be making some changes to my phone and email service. Please make note that I am “No Longer” receiving emails at dkstudio@

My current and correct emails are:

Best wishes from the Frozen Icy Tundra of Tennessee and the Chilled Shores of Cape Hatteras, NC …