Greetings and a very happy Monday morning to you! It turned out to be another fabulous weekend but the weatherman is predicting rain for the week. I would say it is much needed so long as it ends before the weekend.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to spend some time documenting the ever-changing face of downtown Huntsville in a variety of personal projects. Progress involves the evolution of businesses coming and going and nowhere is that more apparent than the facelift our city is seeing. We have businesses that have been able to maintain and we have seen long-standing businesses close their doors making way for new business, helping to revitalize the downtown scene. The iconic signs that represent these businesses are historical markers that document the past and present, as well as, announce the future.

You could argue that there is no more iconic sign than Eunice’s Country Kitchen that sits on the Huntsville Depot and Museum grounds, a sign that recalls a rich history for our community. Eunice’s was more than just a restaurant; it was a meeting place that was a barometer of the city. As the hospitality industry changes so does the city. As one closes it’s doors another opens it doors and it is the business signs that tell the story.

One other aspect of the cities progress is a noticeable evolution in the business and residential community that is embracing and reflecting a cultural change for our small southern town. New signs are appearing on every corner while a few older signs continue to hold on to our heritage. Older buildings are finding a way to maintain their existence while newer establishments are finding a way to fit it.

I think one the biggest change for our city is there is a movement to live downtown. All though it is very common in larger cities, it has been slow to find its way to streets of downtown Huntsville until recently. The fact that you are seeing residential establishments appearing means progress is being made and there will continue to be a need for a support infrastructure to meet the needs of these residents. People are walking and biking the streets and the city is supporting more activities in an effort to get people downtown. It is great to see our city moving forward as it maintains a hold on the past. I am sure that more signs will be appearing, while others maintain and some unfortunately, disappear.