For the most part, it was another beautiful week in the neighborhood. Other than a little flair up by Mother Nature at the end of the week, I think we fared rather well.

I spent last weekend in Nashville, Tn. instructing at a Supershoots photography workshop ( The workshop has been held for the last few years at the Marathon Village complex (, which is historically known, for being the Marathon Motor Works automotive manufacturing plant in the early 1900’s. Like most plants of that era, the company moved on and left the large facility vacant which like other buildings was finding its way into decay. In 1986 it was bought and over the years, with much needed renovation, has slowly turned into a thriving artist enclave with the latest surge of occupants breathing new life into the community with American Pickers placing a store there. What once was a sleepy little section of town has grown and flourished into a very productive entertainment and artist district. To say the least, we no longer have the run of the grounds and have had to selectively pick our outdoor shoot locations.

Nashville is known as the music capital of the south, which provides the base for everything else to flourish. Great music, great entertainment and exceptional food including Sushi make for my increased desire to visit.  But the one thing I always will find time for is photographing the majestic skyline across the Cumberland River. It is a stunning meld of old and new – which pretty much fits what Nashville has become to be known for musically.



Please do keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic assignments. All of the art showcased in my blogs, as well as, on my web sites is available for publication or for display as corporate and residential decorative art.

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Happy Holidays!!!!
~ dennis keim ~