Happy Monday morning to you! I hope you were able to get out this past weekend and enjoy the fabulous fall like weather we experienced. Congratulations to the state of Alabama with its superior college football weekend. WDE and RTR!!!

One of the most frustrating things about traveling as much as I do, and I say this totally tongue in cheek, is the dilemma I usually find myself with trying to select a few images that tell the story and give a photographic glimpse of my travels. On trips like my tour to Europe or my most recent trip to California it can be a little more difficult given the subject matter and the sheer number of images that may be captured.  It can become somewhat of a pleasurable but daunting task.

San Diego has to be one of my favorite cities to visit and photograph. The skyline can be photographed from almost 360 degrees but my favorite view is most likely from across the bay on Coronado Island. I cannot tell you how many times I have captured the skyline from the east shore of Coronado but each time always feels like the first time.


While visiting San Diego there never seems to be a lack of activities going on. There is so much going on that you could find something every day of the week to distract you from the visual appeal of the cities skyline. During my most recent visit to the city, it was hosting the Festival of Sail which is a collective group of  world class sailing vessels. Tall Ships America’s TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® is an annual series that rotates on a three-year cycle between the Atlantic Coast, Great Lakes and the Pacific Coast. (http://www.sailtraining.org/) It is awe inspiring to see this many ships together in one location and the festival attracts a large crowd of maritime enthusiasts.


All though we did not get to see the vessels under sail there was more than enough activity that captured the imagination. Looking skyward and high above the crowd we were able to catch a group prepping the sails. I’m glad to have been “shore footed” Enjoy!!!!


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