It is the one tune that always comes to mind when I am traveling, “On the Road Again!” I have headed south to Tampa, Florida. My mother fell last week while undergoing chemotherapy and fractured her hip so I might ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I would guess that a fair majority of you had the opportunity to view the harvest moon last week that echoed in the first day of fall. I am sure though, that most thought it was anything but fall with the temperatures still in the 90’s in a majority of the country.

One good thing about coming home is reviving the childhood memories of the fun times I spent on the beaches both working and playing. Some days it was almost impossible to find your own little piece of the beach. You would pack it in shoulder to shoulder as the fresh scent of sun tan lotion mixed with the gulf air. As summer came to a close the beach slowly became deserted as a reminder that fall was on its way.

Much has changed since those childhood days but as the saying goes. “Some things just never change”. With the fragrance of sun tan lotion fading in the breeze, you can still hear the beach cabanas beckon.

Florida Gulf Coast

Just to let you know I will be in Huntsville next week undertaking a few corporate assignments but will have time available for any additional bookings that you may have. Contact me if you have a requirement and lets talk. From Huntsville it is on to Nevada to instruct at a photographic workshop.

Another Great weekend in College sports – R T R!!!!!

Best Wishes…