Good morning to you all and I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. I am on a two-week trip traveling first to Las Vegas and the weather could not be any more fabulous here. I make my way to Vegas each October to instruct at a photographic workshop ( where we utilize locations in and around Vegas for our photographic outings. One of our favorite locations is Lake Mead National Recreation Area but due to the government shut down we were prevented from traveling there this year. Lucky for us, Las Vegas is not lacking in photo opportunities.

Last week, while still in Huntsville, I read that the Christopher Columbus replicas, the Nina and Pinta were docked at Ditto Landing Marina and were to depart on Tuesday morning. Having not seen them before I decided to go down and see if I could catch a few photos of them departing. Along with 50 or so other individuals with cameras and camera phones, I waited patiently while they did all the final preparations for their journey up the Tennessee River to Guntersville.


With their final preparations completed they slowly departed, not under sail as their predecessors might have, but rather motored out of the harbor. None the less the two ships were very majestic and brought back many history lessons. In 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue!


As they entered the channel and headed east you could all but imagine what it must have been like for the early explorers to travel uncharted waters looking for new lands and the anxiety they must have felt not knowing when or where they might land or whom they may encounter. Had it not been for the modern day “fishing vessels” one may could have dreamed all day!



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