Where did summer go? Last week I was running around in balmy hot Tampa and I come to Huntsville to be met by a cold wave.  What happened to Fall?

It has been a world wind five days back in the city and all ways a pleasure to return to see the many changes in the city. These few days have been filled with corporate shoots, client appointments, catching up with friends and visiting a few of my favorite restaurants. After flying aerials over the city on Saturday, I did take a break that evening to watch the “GAME” – RTR!!!

One of the projects I had been asked to work on was photographing the renovation progress of the Lincoln Mills development. For those that do not know of the history of the mill it was built in 1900 as a textile mill and as time progressed ended up in 1958 housing the initial presence of NASA and many of its supporting contractors. A fire destroyed much of the Mill in 1980 leaving only Mill #3 and the Dye House. The mill has gone through many transitions since but in 2007 was bought by a family partnership, headed by a dear friend Jim Byrne. Hearing his excitement about the historical past, as well as, the future of the Mill, one cannot see anything but great things for this proposed residential and commercial “village” development and it’s wonderful contribution to the appearance and growth of the city.

Given carte blanche for my first outing, I chose to shoot some of the images in “infrared” to reflect back and compliment the historical past of this once, and now future, thriving village. The view is looking south with the iconic Lincoln Mill water tower and the city of Huntsville in the background.

For more information you can go to http://www.lincoln-mills.com.

Lincoln Mills

What a pleasure it was to visit with friends and clients for the few days my travels brought me here. I leave here, head to Hatteras for a few days and then it is off to instruct at a workshop in Las Vegas. I know …… I know!!

If you are in need of stock images or have a corporate shoot, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am no further away then a phone call or email.

To all of you that offered your thoughts and prayers for my Mother, Thank You!!! She will be coming home today with additional rehabilitation required but we are thankful for her recovery.

Best wishes ……….
~dK ~