A Very Happy Monday morning to you all. I trust you are surviving the deluge of rain we have experienced over the past week and are preparing to seek higher ground for the next couple of days. It appears we are in for a good drenching.

As distant as the memory may be, we actually did have the opportunity last week to witness a beautiful sunset amongst the many days of rain showers we have been treated to. The sunset made a rare appearance the day before Valentines. I was fortunate enough to be out running some errands and decided to head over to Brahan Springs Park to see if I could catch the glowing rays of a fleeting memory. I was not disappointed.

The east side of the pond is a great place to stop and gather your thoughts. It tends to be very quiet and serene even though there is a heavy bout of traffic within a short distance away. It has become one of my favorite places to catch a sunset as well as provide a rare opportunity of reprieve from the days activities. If you are out and about dealing with the hustle and bustle of your days’ aggravation, take a moment, stop by and enjoy the moment. You will be glad you did! Enjoy!