The last two weeks for me have been split between instructing at photographic workshops in Atlanta and Nashville and shooting assignments in Huntsville. 

One of the instructors, dear friend and “road tripping” buddy, Dave Hickey opted to hang out in Alabama with me between workshops. On one of the free days with absolutely beautiful Alabama spring weather I decided to take advantage of the day and show Dave around the area. So we jumped in the car and just followed the hood, looking for the perfect location to stop and photograph along our journey.

As luck would have it, the hood of the car led us to Guntersville, Al and to our first prize location, which was an old grain processing plant.  They have quite a few such plants in the area and this one proved to be quite the photographic subject. After a couple of hours capturing the essence of the plant, we decided to move on down the road looking for our next conquest. When you are ”photographic road tripping” and set the bar with a great first find, you may or may not come across another site of equal interest to shoot. That’s one of the rules and just the way we roll.

As we headed west towards Huntsville we jumped on to County Line Road 240, which goes through Union Grove.  One of the rules of “photographic road tripping” is that you never back track on the road you came down. As we came in to Union Grove, thinking we may go by the Guntersville Dam, I remembered a site I have stopped to attempt to shoot on many occasions.  It is a beautiful cascading waterfall directly behind the Union Grove BP station but one that is totally dependent on rain to fill the creek. With all the rain we had the previous week, we came across the waterfall raging in all of its abundant glory.

It is very rare, when road tripping, to come across two sites of such exceptional value but even more so to find two sites with such differing subject matter. The two sites provided a contrast of beauty; one defined my man and the other by Mother Nature. 

In the end it was the serenity of the waterfall that most captured my heart and soul.

Union Grove Waterfall

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