A very cool and Happy Monday morning to you all from Music City USA. I am up in the magic city meeting with a couple of clients to discuss future projects.

A couple of weeks ago I took sometime off to go visit a very dear friend and fellow photographer, Mr. Dave Hickey, who lives in Pennsylvania. Dave and I met while we were both instructors for a photographic workshop. During those years we formed a bond that far surpassed our working relationship and spent many hours together on photographic road trips chasing the hood of our car. With his and my departure from the workshops and some medical issues we both have experienced, we have not had an opportunity to get back together for some time.

We were talking recently when we said in the infamous words of John Belushi, “It’s time to get the Band back together!” So plans were made and north I flew to Philly. Over my four-day visit we traveled a few back roads through Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, looking for those photographic moments that caught our eye. It would be impossible to show all images that reflect the many area we traveled to, so with extreme difficulty I have had to narrow it down to a few select photographic moments.

Canal Lock 60 – Close to home we went to Schuylkill Canal recreational area that is part of the canal systems initially used in the 1800’s for commercial boat traffic. Locks were placed along the canal to manage the flow of water and residential housing followed. I loved the reflection of the old house and the barn.


St Paul’s Church Cemetery – Dave and I both have an affinity for cemetery’s and headstones. St. Paul’s was one of the first Pennsylvania graveyards we visited. Many of the headstones were from the 1800’s. I loved how the late afternoon sunlight bathed the cemetery.


Harlem Valley Psychiatric Hospital – The abandoned complex sits on 800 acres with over 80 buildings. The facility housed and treated patients suffering from severe psychological and psychiatric issues from 1924 until it closed its doors in 1994. The campus has sat abandoned for 20 years but was recently purchased by Olivet University, a west coast-based evangelical Christian college that was founded by controversial preacher David Jang. We only made it to the fist collection of buildings before we were asked to leave the property by security.


Never Sink River and Railroad Bridge – As we traveled the countryside in Port Jervis, NY I was amazed that there was still color in the trees. We came across this old bridge on the river that sat across from a cemetery we had just visited. As you know, I am a sucker for reflections.


Lake Weil Wingdale NY – While visiting the New York we had the absolute pleasure to stay at Dave’s cousins house that sits on top of a hill that has a lake view that has not changed since they purchased the house over 20 years ago. Every morning and evening we were treated to the sounds of Canadian Geese as they arrived and departed. Even more amazing was to watch the aerial acrobats from a family of Eagles that had settled in the lake. With their keen eyesight it was never long before we were spotted and they would disappear. If you look closely you can spot two in the panoramic image of the lake.

As I said, it would be impossible to show all of the images captured over the four-day period but I hope you have gotten a little insight into the majestic beauty of this area. Many thanks to our most gracious hosts in Wingdale, John and Sandy Fila for their incredible hospitality. The two days spent on their property was an absolute heaven. And to my “FOM” Mr. Dave Hickey, thank you for the invitation to “get the band together” for another extremely memorable road trip. Next one is on me ….. Enjoy!!!!!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

Best Regards …..
~ dennis keim ~