Good Morning to you all! It was another picture perfect week in the South.

Every Monday, it is my goal to try to photographically showcase whatever part of the country I find myself in during the previous week and give you something to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee. Of late, I have been fortunate enough to find myself close to home, traveling the back roads of the south. Like most, I am a creature of habit and tend to migrate back to the places I love to photograph.

It has been brought to my attention that some of you actually “read” the story along with the photograph and from time to time you will respond with some real life experience or just to say, “you like it.”  I never initially intended the focus for my blog to be anything much more than the featured photograph but as time moved on it has grown into a travel log of my, “Miss-Adventures!” With that, it appears that I have inadvertently been providing some educational and historical footnotes about the areas or places I am featuring. My mode of madness normally starts with the featured photograph and then I write the story to accompany.

This week I did it just slightly in reverse. In doing some historical research on train stations, I stumbled across something I was unaware of.  I was doing a search with the caveat that the location would be a no more than a days drive for me to photograph. I wanted to find the oldest railroad station in Alabama. Come to find out, it was within walking distance, the Huntsville Railroad Depot. The depot was built in 1860 and is the oldest “existing” structure. During the Civil War, it was occupied in 1862 by Union Troops and used as a prison for Confederate soldiers. The Depot operated as a passenger station up until 1968.

With the weather as beautiful as it has been and with the skies filled with all the puffy large clouds, I headed out for the day to capture the station. With that accomplished, I said why waste the remaining part of the day. So. I found my way up to New Market, Winchester and lastly to Fayetteville. You just never quite know where the hood of your vehicle will lead you. ENJOY!!!

Huntsville Depot

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