Like most people would say, We Need the Rain. It is not the best way to start your drive into work on Monday morning but hopefully you arrived safely and the week shows promise.

I do love traveling and most anytime I run into someone in Huntsville they are surprised to see me and always ask, where is my next travel adventure. The truth of the matter is I am in Huntsville as much as I am away; I just have “happy feet!” So if you are thinking you will not find me here or need me for a shoot, think again because I am no further than a phone call away.

As many of you know, I was in St. Louis last week instructing at a photographic workshop. One of the true pleasures of attending these workshops is that I usually get an opportunity to photographically tour the surroundings. St. Louis is an extreme mixture of old and new, traditional yet very eclectic, with a vibrant art community. The City has a personality all of its on. It is best known for the Gateway Arch but there is so much more to the personality of what the city has to offer.

Looking back on all of the images I shot while visiting, it is very apparent that the City is very “photogenic” with its mixture of old and new architecture. There are ageing structures of brick and stone, as well as, new structures of metal and glass. There is no shortage of venues such as floodwalls or abandoned buildings to allow for the budding artist to display their talents. Many thanks to my good friend and fellow photo instructor, Michael Green (, for taking time out of his busy schedule to show me the town!!

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Best regards ………. dK