It was one more week of absolutely stellar weather in the southeast and you know that fall is just around the corner.

There are two things that are pretty much guaranteed come October every year. One is the change of colors in the fall season and the second is my annual trek to Las Vegas to instruct at a four-day photographic workshop with As luck would have it, most every day is filled with educational and instructional workshops leaving little time for us to venture out on to the strip or find our way into the casinos. What little time we do have is spent eating and photographic road tripping.

The year was no exception because two of the workshops require travel of 2 hrs one way on the first day and an hour and a half on the second. I can attest to the fact that both scenic locations are well worth the drive. The first location is an old abandoned mining compound with its half built concrete buildings and the second is in the heart of Lake Mead National Park.

Lake Mead National park is a stunning place to visit as well as photograph and for the past few years we have found our way back to Redstone, an incredible locations surrounded by mountain ranges that are red rock. It is the perfect backdrop for our workshops, which focus on editorial and fashion photography with beautiful models and stellar settings.

Each year there seems to be one surprise or another and this year was no exception. Just as the sun was setting in the west we were blessed with a full moon rising in the east. The moon was magnificent highlighted in the crystal blue of the eastern sky and the backdrop of the red mountaintops. One view proved to be the winner. The moon rose between two peaks as if they were here to guide it into the evening sky. It was a breathtaking and magical moment, one that was not left without being captured.

Redstone Lake Mead

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