A very happy Monday to you all! It seems that Mother Nature did not read my the part of my blog last week that stated warmer days may be behind us. It appears that summer may here to stay!!!

I am sorry to say that with September behind me that my birthday month celebrations may also be fading into history. It was a wondrous time celebrating with so many wonderful friends and I guess it is time to put up the candle birthday hat and move on.

Last week was filled with a number of photo shoots, a few of which were outdoors making for a slightly unbearable time in the exhausting heat. On Friday I was scheduled to shoot a senior portrait and they choose the North Alabama Railroad Museum as one of the locations for their session. I arrived early to scout out the photo opportunities and while I was there received a call that they were running a little late so I decided to take advantage of my free time and grabbed my camera. It extra time provided me not only the opportunity to get more familiar with the location but to also grabbed some stock images.

The railroad museum is located in Chase, Alabama and was incorporated in 1966. The museum is run entirely by volunteers and has a collection of a engines and passenger cars as well as a small train station. Between April and December they run the heritage railroad called the Mercury and Chase Railroad that operates public and private excursions.

What I found most exciting about the museum was all of the opportunities to capture images of abstract art of decaying signs, doors and the rails.

When I was young we would travel from Tampa, FL to Athens, GA to visit my grandparents. Their property sat directly on a railroad track and I remember how excited I would become when I heard the train coming. Visiting the museum brought back some extremely fond memories of my childhood days at my grandparents. If you want a trip down memory lane, it is not very far away. Enjoy!!!