No where else but in Alabama could your temperature be in the 70’s on one day and two days later the lows for the day are in the twenty’s. Welcome to the frozen tundra of the south!

Is there any other day that causes so much disdain amongst singles and such large anxieties for couples other than Valentines Day, the day of amour? The celebration was established by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD and was associated with romantic love and lovers. For singles, we want to be in love and for couples it is a day to share in the passion of love and relationships. Singles take a back seat on the bus of love and couples; they go to the head of the line. Yearly, it is the one-day where couples are given the opportunity to profess their love with lavish gifts, confectioneries, greeting cards and fabulous dinners. On the other hand, for singles, we get to save all of that money for a future dowry when our time comes.

Why is it, that singles could not celebrate Valentines like Halloween? You buy the candy and have other singles stop by for a go or no go and you get to select a partner? You give them flowers, put your left over candy out in an “honor system” container and the two of you head off to a late night dinner understanding that all the prime time early slots had been taken by couples. Think about it!

With Valentines, is there any other holiday that we embrace the color Pink more? Is there any other color that we associate, acknowledge and celebrate the beauty, character and strength of women? I think it is the perfect color of Love! Many thanks to my dear friend Ginger Sharp for indulging my artistic demon and being part of this visual celebration of Valentines.


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