On the Road Again!!  Boarding passes, airline seats and peanuts are becoming a common theme but I will gladly take it over the alternative.

After a week in Huntsville it was back to paradise (OBX) and another week of living the reality of being a “beach bummed starving artist” at HWY 12 PhotoArts gallery (www.hwy12photoarts.com). If compliments were a tradable commodity I would be one wealthy individual. Instead my bank advisor told me that they do not take that form of currency.

The Outer Banks is one of those destinations that has so much to offer and so much to photograph. Every afternoon, I go chasing sunsets, a term coined for photographic excursions on the island no matter the time of day. When the wind is up there are always wind surfers and kite boarders to be found at one the many magical spots. I have been chasing an elusive shot of a kite boarder racing through the golden glow of a sunset but most quit right before that magical moment.  It must be a “wind thang” I would guess.

I will continue to “chase sunsets” and that one elusive shot but until then, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Kite Boarding

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