Happy Tuesday morning to you. I am writing you a day late because I spent the weekend boating with a dear friend and enjoying living life on the river and there just is no Internet service on the Tennessee River!

On the last week of my recent travel, I stayed in Perdido Key, which now seems to have become my home away from home when I am traveling through Florida. I have a good friend and wonderful model that does not seem to mind my frequent trips, my continual requests to shoot and my insistence that we eat sushi and seafood. I know, I am a taskmaster! We have the shooting schedule down to a fine art starting a few hours before sunset and working through the sweet light hour until the orange glow disappears. It then becomes a race to get home and shower and head to our favorite sushi bar before they close.

On one of the shoot days a huge storm blew in and our hopes of seeing a sunset were totally diminished. It is a total crapshoot in Florida, this time of year, because the storms come and go and the sun plays peek-a-boo with you. You never quite know if you will be rewarded with an evening glow. As we stood and watched the sun disappear behind a huge bank of thunderclouds something began to happen that had us both stop and look. Huge rays of light began to filter out from behind the cloud formation. You might say that this is not an unusual occurrence in Florida and I would have to agree. It was just an amazing site to see the clouds continue to morph into a variety of beautiful formations while the light rays shot out from behind. We stood and watched this spectacular display, coming to the final realization that the sunset was not going to make an appearance that evening. So we packed up the gear and started heading back to the car.


As we approached the boardwalk we stopped to look back one last time only to see something that totally took our breaths away. In all my years as a photographer I would have to say that I have never quite seen anything like this occur. Looking somewhat like a huge alien space ship, a multi-colored layer of light began to appear from behind the clouds and became ever more intense and vibrant as it formed over the top of the cloud bank. It was like this imagery spaceship had a huge horizontal band of lights around it. We just stood in awe as it continued to form and change colors. I am sure there is an easy meteorological explanation for this occurance but for that brief moment in time you could not help but let you fantasies wander as you imagined all of what it could be as a “Close Encounter”. E.T. phone home!

It was a truly amazing site and everyone that we encountered on the beach was speechless while describing it looking like some “alien spaceship!” ENJOY!!!!!


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