It was blistering cold when I left the Outer Banks last week and then accentuated by the snow flurry I drove through to get back to Sweet Home Blistering Alabama. Of course there is something totally wrong when it is that cold and you are “at the beach”.

I am taking time off from OBX with the season slowly come to an end and will be back spending the majority of my time in Huntsville. So for those that thought you had finally gotten rid of me, think again. I’m BaaaccccK!

The one thing I know I will miss most, photographically, is my afternoon excursions chasing sunsets on the island. It is the one precise moment in the day when I can escape all that I am dealing and make peace with it all. There is nothing I can think of that provides more to one’s reflection on their day then watching the pageantry of the setting sun and the fleeting moments of the kaleidoscopic colors that follow. There is a peace and solitude that accompanies the sun as it disappears into the horizon. Surely you have noticed the tear drop shape as the sun kisses the earth for one last time. It appears to be a “wish of good will” that takes our breath away and says, for that moment, all is right with our world.

How hectic most of our lives are today with all that the holidays demand and how sad that most do not stop to appreciate that one moment Mother Nature provides to us as “free therapy”.  Next time when all seems to be closing in on your day, pull over where ever you might be and take a moment to reflect and appreciate this gift of peace, solitude and splendor. For me, at that exact moment, all my cares seem to slip away.

I send all my best to you, your family and your friends as the Holidays approach. Reach out to someone and show him or her the true meaning of holiday spirit. It is a gift that they will never take back.

South Point Hatteras Inlet

Best wishes – Happy Holidays!!!!!
~ dK~