A very happy Monday morning to you all. What an absolutely beautiful weekend we had in Huntsville. It was so amazingly good and so unlike any we have experienced in the past few years on Panoply Arts festival weekend. Panoply weekend for so many years has been best known for extreme weather and this weekend was the prefect example of what makes this festival and this city so wonderful if the weather cooperates.

The festival opened with a huge crowd on Friday and the rest of the weekend saw record attendance. It was a relief to everyone; the organizers, the vendors and the artisans that the weather prediction was going to be clear sailing for the entire weekend. As night fell on the city the park came alive with the wonderful sights and sounds that Panoply is known for. The city takes on a beautiful glow as the evening lights of the festival shined bright and twinkled under an almost full moon.

For me the nightly fireworks display that explodes over the city is one of the real photographic highlights of the festival. For those that have come and survived the day the nightly fireworks spectacle is the final brush stoke that makes the art festival so very special. This city and Arts Huntsville know how to throw a great party and with Mother Natures blessing this year was another shining example of what makes the city and the people that live her so very special.

And with one final crescendo, Microwave Dave and the Nukes closed out another year of the festival. ENJOY!!!!!!!