I hope this email finds you all doing well. I am on travel for the next two weeks and hope to find some interesting locations to send your way.

Last weekend I was extremely fortunate to be one of the sponsors and a participant in the YMCA’s first ever fund raising event with the Over the Edge group. The fundraiser allows individuals to raise money for the opportunity to rappel down the side of a city building. The Huntsville event offered the participants the once in a life experience of scaling down the face of the historic Times Building. For a first time event, it offered everything that was promised and more. Twelve stories up, over looking downtown, it provided the participants a spectacular view of the city.

You could see it in each and every ones face as they approached the staging area and looked around, taking in the moment. And then it was time, to hook up and go over the edge. Anxiety, anticipation and exhilaration!

One by one they took one small step for man and then one large step for mankind. It was a great experience for all that took the leap of faith. At the end of the day, a very successful fundraiser by my good friend “Brenda Hennessee” with the YMCA. Thanks to all that came out and cheered me, as well as, all of the other participants as we went “over the edge. Many thanks to Jeff White with Jeff White photography for his value assistance over two days in helping me capture the moment.

Two days of success, no one lost, no one injured and many a smiling face. At the end of the day, another incredible view was offered my Mother Nature. Enjoy …..

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Best regards ………. dK