I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and now you are looking forward the week ahead. I actually spent my first full week back in Huntsville dealing with a stack of never ending mail, contacting clients and attending a couple of meetings for the Huntsville Land Trust (http://www.landtrust-hsv.org/) which I am on the Board of Directors. If you are not a member and live in the area, you should join. It is a very valuable and worthwhile non-profit.

Anyone that knows me, knows of my love for Sushi and it would come as no surprise to most that sooner or later, I would have to try and capture the beauty of the oriental delicacy. And so it goes, last year I had the opportunity to spend sometime with a sushi artist, Soyo Sushi, in North Carolina capturing some images to display on his web site. It was a night of intense photography and lots of sushi and saki.  What more can you ask for. Save a seat for me!!!!!


If you have a photographic assignment, contact me. I am no farther away than an email or a phone call.