If it is not Hurricane Irene causing issues on the eastern seaboard then it is Tropical Storm Lee dumping tons of rain on our Labor Day hopes. After an exhausting week of shoots, it was quite comforting though to have a day off and just listen to the rain.

With all that has happened in the last few weeks, you have to wonder what Mother Nature still has in store for us. The Outer Banks is still left with no access to the mainland, other than by ferry, and access to the island by non-residents is still very much in question. With Tropical Storm Katia making her way up the east coast, OBX could be vulnerable to a devastating 1-2 punch.

Last week I was blessed with 6 days of photo shoots in the Tennessee Valley, which allowed me to keep my mind off of the Outer Banks and the relief program they were getting underway. One of those shoots, a 3-day photo assignment with Janson Communications had us traveling to three military installations to photograph the activities of the Army Materiel Command. If was absolutely amazing to see all they are doing to support of troops overseas. It was even more amazing to be allowed into the areas to photograph the men and women refurbishing all the tanks, helicopters and weapons that the troops use to fight the battle for our freedoms. As we left came to a close on Thursday, I commented to my assistant that this is probably as close as we will ever get to the war without actually traveling to the front line. Many thanks to the Janson group for giving us that opportunity.

I am playing a little catch up due to all the travel and weather but while I was in Columbus, OH teaching a workshop, I had an extra day on my hands and was given a special tour of the country side by my dear friend Denise Frysinger. She took me to an old country residence with an exceptional barn and white fence. Given the beauty of the day, it was a majestic scene and a photo opportunity not to be missed.

Columbus Ohio Farm

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