Top of the morning to you. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I am on the road, heading home to Tampa, Florida.

For the past few weeks I have been photo blogging about my trip to Europe. It was an amazing adventure and one that will provide fond memories and wonderful art for years to come. For all the adventure, there was one additional aspect, included on the trip, which provided a few extra special memories. For those that do not follow me on other social media, it was my “other” travel partner (other than SANTA) that seems to have made a name for himself and has acquired his own bit of notoriety and fame. As a last minute thought I packed my Alabama Gnome whom is affectionately named “Bama G”.  Bama G was a Christmas present from my niece’s husband. I have heard humorous tales of garden gnomes being “removed” from people’s yards and photographed on “vacation” which spurred the idea to take him to Europe. Little did I know when I packed him away in my suitcase that in due time he would become an American sensation in Europe, well maybe “in his own mind”.


As “we” toured Europe, the Gnome from Alabama was always taking front stage, having his picture taken at all the hot spots and with all the beautiful people. As we traveled throughout Denmark, Sweden and the Untied Kingdom, Bama Gs’ exploits were well documented by myself and anyone else he came in contact with. Bama G became quite adept at making friends no matter where we went. I came to the conclusion that traveling with a Santa and a Gnome made for the pefect travel companions. Bama G just always seemed to find a way to fit right in and between the two of them; there was no such thing as meeting a stranger!


It was quite apparent that there was no place he wasn’t welcome and as time went on, we were continually being asked “whom he was” and “what his story was”. Ultimately, leading to a request to have his photograph taken. I began to post daily Facebook photos, blogging about Bama G and his exploits. It became such a hit that friends suggested he ought to have his own Facebook page, which he now has. You can join in on the fun and the group, No Place Like Gnomeville, where we will continue to post his American travels and exploits.

Having Bama G along for the journey added a very special element to the trip that provided for many humorous, as well as, magical moments, meeting people and visiting historical places. It was amazing to meet people from all over the world and hear they knew of  “Sweet Home Alabama.” Bama was every bit the hit of the tour, a rock star in the making. Whether Denmark, Sweden or England, he never seemed to encounter a language barrier. I know Bama G is ready to go back to Europe but until then, I guess documenting his American exploits will just have to do.

When asked how to best describe my trip my easy answer is, “ I started out the trip hanging out with a bunch of Santa’s from all over the world and ended the trip sitting at a restaurant on the Thames river, two blocks from Windsor Castle, having a glass of wine with an Alabama Gnome.” It just does not get much better than that. Enjoy!!!


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