So where did 2012 go? If you are like most people, we are all ready for 2013. I guess the best news I can offer is that we survived the “end of the world” prediction but unfortunately, all the credit card bills we acquired for Christmas presents are still ours to pay!

As it has been my “mode of operation” for the past few years, I again find myself in the exact same location to ring in the New Year, in San Diego, Ca. Given all that has gone on, I am looking forward to my visit with dear friends and to an “uneventful” New Years Eve celebration in “Southern Cal”.

I have given a lot of thought to what my “closing reflection” could be that could summarize all that has happened in 2012 and then add to that by expressing what wonderful expectations I could offer to you for the coming year.  In doing so I continue to wander through my thoughts and come up with nothing that would be earth shattering or very thought provoking. Instead I continue to think about family and friends and how much all of those relationships have meant to be in my journeys this past year and how much I will continue to cherish those relationships in the future. I wish you all hope and prosperity for 2013.

Happy New Years Eve!  With that I will leave you with one on the views I have seen more often than I can imagine this year, the view from my airline window!!!!! Have Camera, will Travel!!!!!!


I hope that you have enjoyed the third season of my Blog entries. I know I have enjoyed sharing my Miss-Adventures with you!

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Best Regards …..Happy Holidays!!!!
~ dennis keim ~