Good Morning from Music City USA! I decided to take a little road trip over the weekend and spend some time with friends and it has turned into a little more of an excursion than originally thought.

You may think that Nashville is a bit of a drive for a day excursion but it is the perfect drive for “the day” or better yet, for the weekend. The town is busting at the seams and there is never a loss for something to do. So many hidden gems, so many fabulous restaurants, so many music venues. On Saturday evening a group of friends and I ended up at a new Indian cuisine restaurant and to my amazement it was exceptional. Not that I questioned their tastes, it was just that I had a predisposed idea of what it may taste like. Every time I make the trip to Nashville, my first thought is why do I not do this more often?

There were quite a few reasons for making the trip but the biggest one was I was “in need” of a mini-road trip. With all the time in the saddle working at home with the remodel I just felt it was time and I had a “need for speed”. So off to Nashville it was to spend some time with a few close friends. One of the more important reasons for coming up was to discuss photographing a wedding for my dear friends Josh and Ginger that will take place in October. I am slowly finding my way back to “riding that wedding carriage” and I am so looking forward to an extremely fun event and sharing their day with them. The other reason for the trip was to spend some quality time with my friend Lauren who just recently moved to Nashville. We have working together on developing pictorial content for her yoga website and I had the perfect area in mind to do a shoot. The downtown walking bridge over Cumberland River is the perfect shoot location but it is not a hidden secret. As we began to shoot I realized very fast that I was not the only photographer with the idea to shoot on the bridge and with perfect weather on Sunday it seemed like there was a session going on “on every corner.” Every now and then it would visually appear that we had the entire location to ourselves but even with the traffic all around us, I believe we were able to a capture the essence of her spiritual art with the surroundings.


For anyone that has visited Nashville, the city has a signature skyline that is unlike any other. Once you see it, you instantly recognize it with the Gotham City like AT&T building affectionately referred to as the “batman” tower. The view from across the river is simply breathtaking and as many times as I have had the opportunity to photograph it, I never tire of shooting it one more time. Mother Nature always provides a signature and different backdrop and the city skyline continues to add a new and taller building.

To say the least the trip was a needed adventure and just what the doctor ordered. Many thanks to “Hey Ricky!” for his generous hospitality, accommodations and photo support! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

Best Regards …..
~ dennis keim ~