It has been such a pleasure to have been home for the last few weeks and have the opportunity to spend time with clients and friends. I now find myself at the beginning of another commercial journey and I am looking forward to being out on the road again. “Just can’t get enough of those suga crisps”

As I began my journey, I found myself in Nashville awaiting an early morning departure. The first part of the evening was spent with friends consuming my favorite food …. Sushi!!  And those that know me, know how much I love sushi. As I headed back to the hotel, the bright lights of Nashville beamed ever so brightly as the moon rose over the city. The beauty of the “Batman Tower”  reflecting in the river beckoned as if Sirens were calling. The attached image is one of the splendid views of the town they affectionately call – Music City.

Nashville Skyline

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Best regards and best wishes for a great week …..
~ dK ~