A very happy Monday morning to you all! I hope yours was a wonderful weekend. As for me, Wednesday was the start of my self proclaimed Month of Celebration for my Birthday. At my age you need to celebrate everyday and most of my friends have gotten use to the idea that I accept any and all lunch dates, dinner dates and coffee dates as long as its lasts. I have a lot of friends that were born in September so we tend to encourage each other to extend the celebrations! So with that said, let’s keep the momentum rolling!!!

After doing a client shoot in Limestone County last week I decided I might as well finish out the day chasing sunsets. A friend of my mine had told me what an amazing spectacle it was watching the ballet of all of the land movers prepping the site where the Toyota-Mazda plant is going to be so I decided check in out. It did not take long for me to see what they were so excited about. As the sun began to set I realized that I was in for a magical mechanized event.

It was truly captivating to watch the caravan of huge machines circle and jive in and around each other as they disappeared and reappeared over the horizon. As the sun set the orchestration of machine and man was awe-inspiring. The art palate of machine and Mother Nature was continually changing as the machines moved across the horizon and hues or orange and yellow became more intense.

I literally stood with my camera in hand and watched as they traveled back and forth and when a moment of magic would begin to transform, I would jump back in to action attempting to capture the essence of the movement and the moment.

I was truly mesmerized by the juxtaposition of the machines as they transversed across the property and with day turning into night I looked up to notice the moon was rising in the eastern sky. I thought to myself that as much as the pageantry of the machines and the sun had been amazing, the moon was about to put a crescendo on the day.