A very happy Monday morning to you all. It was another glorious weekend in Alabama and a super weekend for college football with some unexpected upsets shaking up the top 25.

I spent part of this past weekend helping a friend work on his bluff lot that over looks Lake Guntersville. The view is absolutely spectacular with a 180-degree view of the NW portion of the lake as you head east on Hwy 431. One of our goals was tagging a small group of trees that needs be removed to make the 180-degree view a reality. Recently he purchased the heavily wooded 2½-acre plot directly below the bluff that sits west of Honeycomb campground. Of course to get to the base of the bluff where the trees sit it was basically a “straight up the mountain hike” and as much as I would like to say I nailed it, I would have to admit it was more like the hike nailed me. The good news is I finally made it up to the base of the bluff and assisted in spotting the dozen or so that would need to be removed.

Once we completed that task we headed back up to the top of the bluff to remove a tree that hadfallen into the ½ acre pond that sits at the front of the property. It was not an easy maneuver having to cut the tree away from its trunk, hooking a chain to the tree and pulling it out with his SUV. After a couple of tries, it was mission accomplished. All and all it was one of those manly types of days. As we sat at the edge of the bluff drinking an ice-cold beverage, watching the sun set and enjoying the fruits of our labor we could only image how much more magnificent the future view was going to be.