Happy Day after Mothers Day! The one day of the year that we officially celebrate and honor those that have given so much of themselves to make us who we are. It was officially observed, for the first time, in Philadelphia in 1908 and given federal recognition in 1914. Why is it that we only “officially” do that once a year? Should it not be a monthly or weekly thing or more to the point, an everyday celebration? I hope you found time to recognize and rejoice in their life.

My mother passed away almost two years ago and like most there is not a day that goes by that something does not remind me of her. I think of her when I look to the heavens and know that she is there enjoying her family and friends and looking down on us. I think of her most when there are majestic moments with clouds in the sky as if it were a message to me. No better moment of love and solitude then to be shared with loving thoughts of her.


And now on to another mother of sorts, Mother Nature. It appears that spring is trying to find its way without allowing summer to just roll right in. And with spring comes the blossoming of nature and all of its beautiful colors. While visiting with my dear friends Jack and Elaine in Mentone a few weeks back, Elaine mentioned that they were heading to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain in Georgia to view the wildflowers at the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail Boardwalk. Unfortunately I was on my way home and unable to join them. But I was so intrigued by their excitement that I choose to pick a free day and run back over to the park which is just east “a little” from Mentone. Granted I am not much of a horticultural enthusiast because most that know me and read my blogs know that I never identify the plants or flowers properly. Of course the replies and corrections lead me to believe that some of you are reading my blogs. With the help of my “wing-woman” and photography student Ms. Laura Ragland, I think I was able to capture some beautiful and colorful items. I will leave it up to you to identify!!!



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