Top of the morning to you!! I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record but another gawwwwgeous week in the neighborhood and the Dogwoods are blooming.

Thank you to everyone that responded to last week’s blog. It is always gratifying to get replies to the blogs with your observations and comments. One of the things that I have talked about from time to time … is capturing the usual and making it different, the common places that we look at every day. One of the replies to last week was, “thank you for giving a fresh perspective to the local things we see each day and sometimes take for granted.” Which brings me to this week’s blog.

I have driven by this location hundreds of times on my way to Nashville always having a very specific thought on how I would want to capture the perfect moment. It seems that over the years, I was unable to find the time to be there when that moment would take place. Well, last week while road tripp’n I just happened to drive by and realized that this was the exact time of year for that image to be captured. So with camera in hand, I headed back the following day.

The TVA power lines offer the prefect juxtaposition to the landscape and Mother Natures never-ending beauty.  The power lines stand tall and erect as majestic giants, working tireless for all we take for granted, the flip of a switch that lights a room or the connection that keeps our refrigerators cold. Some might argue that they are a eye sore or negative blot on the beauty of the landscape but when I sit and view the ballet of them dancing to the wind and the beauty of Mother Nature’s setting sun, I think not. ENJOY!!!!!

TVA Powerlines

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