A very happy Monday morning to you as the rain showers just keep on coming. I want the weatherman’s job, no matter the how wrong they are off with their predictions they still get paid. Where else can that happen?

The Land Trust of North Alabama hosted its 17th Annual Moon Over Three Caves event at Historic Three Caves Saturday evening. After 16 years, they have perfected this evening to a fine tuned party machine with the bowl of the caves being transformed into a huge outdoor banquet hall filled with great music and great food. Many in attendance have been more times then they can remember and with the local crowd favorite Kozmic Mama returning to rock the night it was another slam-dunk. How could you go wrong with Chef Chris McDonald and Washington Square preparing dinner for the expected 700 plus. The only thing standing in the way of a memorable evening was the not so good on and off weather forecast.


The weekend started with a 10% rain shower prediction on Friday that progressed into a 70% chance over night only for us to get all 100% of that 70% Saturday morning. The great news is, as the day progressed the weather forecast brighten, the skies cleared and the sun finally peeked through the clouds. So for the 700 individuals that were looking forward to the evening, the gates were opened and the party began. Moon over Three Caves is the Land Trust of North Alabama’s premier fundraiser held at its most premier property, Historic Three Caves. The evening offers great food, great music, an exceptional silent auction and a signature libation to toast the night away called Moon Beam. Of course the most important part is the sheer fun everyone has while seeing old friends and enjoying the evening.


There is nothing like dancing the night away under the stars and there is no better band to do it with then Ms. Carla Russell and Kozmic Mama. The band is legendary in the local music scene and they have been a staple for past Cave events. Once the music started it was hard to find an empty spot on the dance floor. It was truly a monumental evening for all those attending and another successful fund raiser for the Land Trust. I had “volunteered” to be the co-chair along side of this year’s chairman, Ms. Sally Warden and what an honor it is to be part of this evening working along side the incredible staff and volunteers that put this event together.

Its never too early to start planning for next years event … Tables await you!!!! Until then, you may want to consider becoming a member – http://www.landtrustnal.org/



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