Happy New Year and welcome to the frozen tundra of North Alabama. We are two weeks into the New Year and my one disappointment is that tonight’s’ inaugural College Football Championship game is lacking the most important element, a team from the SEC. The good news is, the opening kickoff for the 2015 season is September 5, less then 9 months away!

I could think of no better way for me to start the New Year then to take a retrospective look back at my miss-adventures of 2014. It was a year of trials and tribulations but when I think back, nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then all the experiences and all the time-shared with friends.

My past year was filled with photography and travel. Highlights included a return visit to one of my favorite photography spots, Maine, plus a ten day adventure in Cancun, Mexico shooting for Royal Resorts. Most of my friends reference I was gone more than I was here and looking at the schedule I would have to agree. I assessed my September to December schedule and I think I was home for a total of 4 weeks. The rest of the time was spent in hotels, airline seats, putting miles on my vehicle and couch surfing with friends. The year was filled with renewing friendships, as well as, the loss of friends. Both provide me a moment of pause to reflect on the year, and what the future may have to hold.

As I looked back through all of the 2014 blogs, I sit in amazement at the sites and experiences they represent. Each blog is a reflection of what I was involved in and provides me with fond memories of that moment in time. I thank you all for continuing to share that journey with me and I know at least three of you have expressed how much you look forward to the Monday morning blog and a good cup of coffee. My one hope and wish is that I while I travel new and wonderful paths you will continue to find some value and relevance for this Monday morning oasis.


Once Again – Best Regards …..
Happy New Years!!!!