A very Happy Monday morning to you and happy weekend after St. Patrick’s Day! As much as I love St Patty’s Day, I just do not look good in Green! I hope for all of you that are Irish or Irish for the day, that you have a very enjoyable time.

I took the week off and headed south to Perdido Key thinking the I would escape the Alabama cold for the week only to find out that the weather on the pandhandle was every bit as cold as northern Alabama. The only real consolation and justification I cold come up for my trip was getting to see good friends and eat plenty of seafood and sushi.

I missed celebrating St. Pattys day in Huntsville but did get the opportunity to spend a little time with an Irish maiden – well as least in costume. Ms Marina was willing to oblige my desire to capture the spirit of the holiday and she was dressed to the “kilt!”

When visiting the panhandle one of my favorite places to shoot photographs is Johnson Beach which is part of the Gulf Island National Seashore. The beach is very close to my friend Marina’s house and we go there quite often to take photographs and capture spectacular sunsets. Recently I found out that a mutual friend of ours and Real Estate broker, Dany Head was brokering a condo at the newly built tower next to the park. The 7th floor end unit faces due east and has an amazing unobstructed “million dollar” view of the park and the Gulf. Although I am by no means a morning riser, I did realize that this may be once in a life time to capture a sunrise from an elevated view like this so asked Danny to allow me to do so.

So I drug myself out of bed early one dark and cold morning and made my way over to the condo expecting to see an amazing sunrise and to say the least I was not disappointed, The view of park and the Pensacaola skyline off in the distance was complimented by the sun as a rose to the east and made it’s way above the horizon. As it hit its peak at the horizon the earth gave one last tug before it allowed the sun to continue on another journey where is would eventually set in the west and past below our view for another glorious Florida day.

To say the least the view and the sunrise might be every bit worth the asking price of the condo which is $1.5 million. The view alone is worth every cent of it. I made an offer on the condo but I think I realized mine might have just been a little low from the laughter and the look on Danny’s face.

Was it worth getting up prior to the crack of dawn to capture this amazing view … I will let you be the judge but I will give you a hint – YES!!!! Enjoy the million dollar plus view!!!!!