Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  For college football fans, last weekend is what it is all about! They Pros say, “On any given Sunday” but the real deal is, “On an given Saturday!” You just never know and now my team from birth, the Georgia Bulldogs play my adoptive states banner carrier, the Crimson Tide for all the marbles in the SEC championship game. The winner, most likely will head to the Big Show in January! I will be one very conflicted football fan when they clash!!!

I am winding my trip down in Florida and slowly finding my way back to Alabama. It has been a great three weeks, getting to see many of my old classmates and friends throughout the state. The hardest task though, was my visit to my family residence and the hardship of letting go of so much that ties me to the house. In the end it was a wonderful stroll down memory lane and some of the “family jewels” I uncovered there, will provide lasting memories for years to come!!! One of those jewels, hidden away in a chest of drawers, was a collection of my sisters and my baby shoes. You just never know!

As I found myself heading home to Alabama, I made one last stop to visit friends and catch up on some work in Orlando. What a booming town it is and the tourists are all about that “Mickey dude”!!! Being a natural born Floridian, I was always more about traveling outside the state than inside the state. I am not a big fan of amusement parks, basically financed controlled chaos, so visiting any of those establishments has never been high on my ticket. I did get the opportunity to do something I do enjoy and that was tour downtown for the first time and see what the city is all about. They have a beautiful water park in the middle of the city and as luck would have it Mother Nature offered her assistance in making for the picture perfect moment!!! Many thanks to my good friend and Orlando host, Joe Hillebrandt, for the tour and hospitality. ENJOY!!

You know, it is beginning to look at bit like Christmas!!! If you are looking for that perfect art for a Christmas gift (liked the image in this blog) look no further, we may have exactly what you need. If you have an upcoming assignment, I am asking that you please keep us in mind!!!!

Best regards ….. dK