It could easily be said, “Where has 2012 gone?” Every year it seems that the number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets shorten and before we know it Turkey turns into fruitcake. God, do I love Turkey!!!! I so remember the days of the fruitcake showing up Christmas day and my Mom insisting that I should try it. God, how I hated fruitcake! Now that I am a big boy, I make my own choices!!

It is custom at this time of year to pause and give thanks for what we are grateful for. I look back on the past year and I can say that I am truly thankful for my friends. It seems that most if not all of my closest friends have experienced a loss and if not for each other to offer comfort and support, this year may just have been a little harder journey to travel. We all were able to offer each other something more than just our prayers because in our own sense, we are family. May we all be blessed in the coming year!

It is Christmas Eve and we are just one day away from Jolly Ole Saint Nick’s arrival. I have traveled west to celebrate the holiday with my Sister, her family and my father. It has become a tradition each Christmas for me to take some if not all of my Great-nephews and nieces to the theatre to see a Christmas themed movie. I am glad to say this year was no exception and it was delightful watching, large popcorn and drinks in hand, “The Rise of the Guardians!” There is nothing like seeing a holiday movie through the eyes of a child and to hear their laughter.

It is also a holiday tradition, to photograph a Christmas themed greeting that usually includes, if not features, one of Santa’s most beautiful helpers. I am glad to say that tradition continues with one minor addition, Good Ole Saint Nick himself. You see I live closer to the North Pole than I thought and “Stanta” took time out from his busy schedule to make a personal appearance. Upon seeing the Elf he had to poise with, I can assure you he was glad he answered my call. Many thanks to the beautiful candy cane elf, Ms. Gwendolyn Sweet and to the real life Stanta, Mr. Stan Miller for helping me bring my Christmas card to life. Additional accolades and thank you’s goes to the incredible MUA, Ms. Sylvia Smith for her candy cane artistry and to Ms. Tamika Gibson for her fabulous hair design. You can make your own determination if the words Naughty or Nice apply!


I leave you with one final thought for 2012. Since I am the only one that puts Christmas presents under my tree I felt the need to ask Stanta for one small additional present to be delivered in 2013. It appears that Stanta was most happy to entertain my request. Lets see if my wish comes true and Stanta delivers in the New Year!!!!! RTR ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and everyone!!!
….. dK