Good morning and a very happy day after Christmas to you. I hope yours was filled with cheer and happiness and that Santa was very, very good to you. We now have New Years Eve to look forward to. I will be wishing and hoping for a safe and prosperous New Year for you.

As has been the routine for the last few years I am on travel, currently in Arizona visiting family and spending time with them for the Christmas holidays. Once all the presents are unwrapped and the Christmas wrapping is thrown away I will head further west and spend the New Years with some very dear friends. It has been a tradition of mine for the past few years and one that I always look forward to each year.

Since retiring from NASA “a few years back” I have the pleasure to do a fair amount of traveling for both business and pleasure but as most that know me, my camera is never far from me. Over the past year I have been blessed with a fair amount of travel and have been lucky enough to capture some wonderful memories. I was fortunate enough to have met Jolly Old Saint Nick during my travels and this year I asked for something special. I asked him for some “Santa Elfie’s” as he flew by some of the places I have been fortunate enough to visit. Here are some of the images he captured!

So this year has flown by and it has been a wonderful time seeing old friends, meeting new friends and visiting new places. As “Stanta” and I spoke briefly about his night of travel I did ask for one additional thing … His answer was – “Roll Tide!”

Wishing you all the best for the New Year and GOD Bless!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year !!!
….. dK