Merry Christmas

A very happy Christmas week and Merry Christmas to you all. As most all are doing you are still making your lists and checking it twice with just two days left before Santa arrives. I trust that your holiday will be filled with the spirt of the season and time spent with family and friends.

Unlike years past, my plan is to not travel for the holidays but see what it is like to spend Christmas at home in Sweet Home Alabama. I must say it has been years since I woke up Christmas morning in my own bed. I have spent and shared Christmas traditions since the mid 90’s traveling to visit family and friends in both Florida and Arizona but I have decided to stay out of the air this December.

One tradition that I do plan on carrying on even though I am not traveling is the tradition of photographing Santa Claus and one or more of his helpers for my holiday blog. I am very fortunate that “Santa” does not live far from me and that one or more of his beautiful elves are willing to travel the “south pole” to get there “Elfie’s” taken with Santa.

I love the holidays and look forward to sending out my yearly Christmas blog, with Santa themed photographs. This year I was able to once again enlist “Stanta” – Stan Miller and one of his beautiful helpers, Ms. Jessica White to help me continue the holiday tradition. The photo sessions are filled with frivolity, holiday cheer and a lot of Ho Ho Ho’s. This year’s Santa session was no exception.

Elf Jessica is a believer in the holidays and Santa’s gift to the season and I think especially enjoys showing her two daughters that Mom has a special connection with the Jolly man. Fortunately for me, Santa’s duties sometimes require him to step away and check in on how all the elves are doing stuffing all the bags with Christmas toys. While STANTA was away, I was able to focus a little holiday cheer on his very ample helper Ms. Jessica, while she was attempting to stow away in his Christmas bag.

This year I got a little ambitious enough to create and send out a few Christmas cards the old fashion way (postal), with a couple of different images from my Christmas shoots. The two cards designs included the first photo in this blog with “Santa in the Bag.” The second image was an image that was created with the help of a couple of my dear friends Ginger and Matt Rainey using one of my favorite models – Ms. Ashley Fletcher from St. Louis.  You might say Ginger and Matt were the “glue” behind the design of the antler crown and helped with the creation of the Rein Deer Princess. It is, as one might well imagine, one of my all-time favorite holiday images.

Wishing you a Very Blessed and Happy Holiday!


Happy Holidays and May God bless you and keep you safe!