What better way to get a jump-start on summer than to have the first 3-day weekend to wet your appetite. I hope that your weekend was enjoyable and beautiful and that you were able to share it with family and friends.

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to spend my weekend in the Outer Banks where the weather was picture perfect. It was great to see the islands coming back to life as the “season” is about to begin and Memorial Day is the kick-start. The marinas, which were once quiet, are now bustling with fisherman and the boat slips are full. Old establishments have dusted themselves off, added fresh paint where needed and reopened their doors for business while newer establishments wait for the onslaught of tourists. The “season” makes or breaks it for most of the businesses that find themselves looking to make the majority of their income during those 4-5 months.

On thing about the Memorial Day weekend is the patriotism that is shown and the reflective nature of reverence that most share on the island. You cannot help but notice the signs of support and the American flags, as you drive through the many fishing villages, displayed to honor those that have given most of themselves for their country.

As I toured the island I came upon the largest icon of the area, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, standing tall and proud. The lighthouse once stood as the welcoming beacon for ships traveling to the area but now is most known for welcoming visitors to the island. How wonderful it was to see the American flag standing tall and proud as well.  Together, they are a fitting tribute to the weekend and to those that have served and now serve.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

As we head into another week of work, also give thought to any future photographic assignments you may have and know that I am not just a phone call or email away.