A very good Memorial Day to you! Like many, I have traveled to the gulf coast to take in my fair share of fun in the sun as summer has it’s official welcome.

For most, the Memorial Day weekend signals the end of the school year and the beginning of summer where traveling to distance shores is expected. As children we could not wait to pack the car and head to the beach. As adults it is pretty much the same except we just pack more stuff. As kids it was the beginning of a 3 month hiatus from the classroom and as parents it was the torment of knowing you had three months to have to entertain.

More importantly though, Memorial Day is the day that we as a country have set aside to recognize our men and women of the Armed Forces that sacrificed so much for our freedom have paid the ultimate price in giving service to our country. There are celebrations held across this nation in honor of those brave men and women and it is with a word of thanks and emotion in our hearts that we remember them today.

Memorial Day is a Federal holiday set aside in honor of all of the brave men and women that have given their lives in service to our country. National Cemetery’s across the nation remind of us these sacrifices and as I travel I find a great sense of pride and respect as I have the opportunity to visit them. One of the most daunting and beautiful cemetery’s is Rosecrans National Cemetery that sits atop over looks the entrance to San Diego’s harbor, points to the Mexican peninsula to the south and is flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the west. The 78 acre cemetery sits on top of a hill in Point Loma and resides in what once was the Army Coastal artillery station Fort Rosecrans. Rosecrans has the remains of 112,000 people from military conflicts dating back to the 1800s, including at least 23 winners of the Medal of Honor.

I would hope on this weekend that you have had a wonderful time with family and friends enjoying the un-official start of summer. In doing so I would also hope that you have taken time to reflect on why we are so very privileged to enjoy those liberty’s. Happy Memorial Day!!!

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