Happy Monday after a St. Patty’s Day weekend. I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s day celebration whether you are Irish or were Irish for the day.

I’ve had the opportunity over the few past months to visit Arizona and take part in my neices birthday celebration, to meet the newest addition to my sisters family, my great great nephew, to shoot a wedding and spend some quality time shooting images for myself. One of my absolutely favorite places to shoot is Tempe TownLake with its amazing Marina Heights commercial complex. For the most part I have always shot it from the “other” side of the lake catpuring its reflective majestic beauty at sunset.

On my last visit I took my great neices and nephews down to the park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to get some quality “uncle” time with them. While there we walked around the Marina Heights complex and I noticed that when up close and personal the complex became its own art gallery as the buildings reflected into each other. I realized that I was not going to be able to spend the time I wanted photographing while there with the kids so I promised myself  I would find time to come back.

On one of my free nights I kidnapped my good friend and former assitant, Herb Stokes and motivated him to go with me to shoot the complex. Even as a resident, to venture aorund  it was something new for him. What we found as the sun set was a magical evolving kalidescope of colors and imagery as the bulidings came to life as the visually morphed into each other.

As we walked around the complex with every turn of a corner a new and different image appeared. It was a photographic journey that was a visual sensory overload.  Abstract art at its very best. I was truly taken back at the ever changing dymanics as we moved in and out of the buildings.

Over the past few years I have blogged many photographs from this area but never from this persepctive. I never tire coming here to Tempe to photograph the city, especially at sunset and now that I have discovered a new vantage point I would imagine it will not be my last!

The complex is truly an visually inspiring artist canvas.


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

All the best to you!!!!
dK and Greyson