One week back from teaching at a photographic workshop in Vegas and I think I am finally rested and caught up on my sleep. They say it is a city that never sleeps and I am sure that it is true of most of the people that visit. Las Vegas really comes alive as the sun sets and the glow of the strip shines bright above the city.

Teaching at a photographic workshop is somewhat like being a chef at a restaurant. You are surrounded by incredible food all day long but seldom are able to enjoy the fare because you are cooking. The instructors and mentors spend the majority of our time teaching aspiring photographers new techniques in beautiful locations with beautiful models and little time by us is actually spent shooting during the workshop.

With a day leftover after the workshop, a group of instructors and models headed out for what has become a workshop tradition. We pack our gear, purchase snacks that would sustain us for a week in the wilderness and travel to a scenic location to decompress, enjoy a little fellowship and have some personal shoot time. We affectionately call it – “Road Trippn!!’

Our destination was Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Red Rock Canyon. Close to the city, it provided us ample opportunity to shoot due to the late departure we were to get because of those that ventured into the city the night before. As we finished up our “half day shoot” and headed back, we found ourselves chasing the last remaining light from the sunset knowing that there was one last stop we needed to make. Coming out of the state park there is an overlook that provides one of the most spectacular views of the cityscape. With the “city lights awakening” we stopped to capture the view that greets all who visit. With our “mission accomplished” it was back to the city and one more night of “Sleepless in Vegas!”

As they say in Vegas, “What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Well that may be true for everything except – if it has been photographed.


I wish you well this week, Happy St. Patrick’s day!! May you have the “Luck of the Irish!” and find your pot gold. Of course – you will have to share.